Top 4 Reasons Relationships Fail

People fall in love – people break up. And why, in fact, a man and a woman break up? There are many reasons why a man and a woman enter into a relationship and there are no fewer reasons why they break up. Someone starts relationships with single woman dating because of boredom; for the sake of entertainment. However, first of all, we want to meet our needs in relationships. And when needs cease to be satisfied for any reasons, a man or a woman thinks about a breakup. Let's analyze why this happens.

1. Problems with money

Problems with money are one of the main reasons for a breakup. Too little money, according to one of the spouses, leads to the fact that a relationship is on the verge of collapse. This is the cause of conflict, irritation, and quarrels. Women often blame men for low incomes, laziness, and lack of prospects. Sometimes women don't work by themselves, what causes anger in men. Men and women go in search of a more satisfying, financially, partner. Women are more often the initiators of a breakup for a financial reason. How to avoid financial problems and save relationships? It is advisable to know the requirements of each friend before the beginning of a relationship. Men shouldn't waste all their money seducing a girl in order not to spoil her. Before marriage, it is better to live together for at least a year without a formal moment in passports and attempts to have children. This test will avoid a breakup. Don't make mistakes, which have already been made by many people.

2. Constant conflicts

Psychologically, problems, depression, melancholy, stress, bad mood, health problems and dissatisfaction with life can easily destroy a relationship. Often one of the partners suffers or both. This leads to conflicts with those who are close. Problems are mounting and conflicts are becoming more and more frequent. How to avoid conflicts and save relationships? It is better to turn to a professional help and a psychologist. Self–analysis of problems will not be sufficiently objective and is unlikely to help solve the problems that have arisen.

3. Infidelity

Infidelity is the reason for a breakup. Often infidelity of only one of the spouses leads to a breakup when the second one can't forgive. How to avoid infidelity and save relationships? It is better to negotiate a free relationship at the very beginning if monogamy is alien to one of you. Often, infidelity happens because of the lack of emotional intimacy, mutual understanding, love, and sex. You need to work and on relationships and sex. Then the risk of cheating becomes significantly lower.

4. Harmful habits

The craving for alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes often leads to a breakup. When love to alcohol goes out of control, then a family and a relationship are cracking at the seams. Few people are willing to put up with such a partner, constant absence, and uncontrolled behavior. How to avoid bad habits? Specialists will certainly help in this situation. In this case, the support of a partner is important.

For these 4 reasons, 90% of couples break up. When you know the most common causes of divorce and a breakup, you have a chance to avoid the mistakes of your predecessors.

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