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Kids love nothing more than to play outside. Running and frolicking around outdoors on a sunny day is a must for young ones. But, what do they do when the weather takes this option away from them? Rainy days attempt to spoil the fun for kids, however, it does not have to. There are a couple of great rainy day activities you and your kids can do to reclaim the joy. One is playing traditional board games, and Read the rest of this entry »

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You probably spend a lot of time thinking about your home – visiting sites like www.homesecuritysystem.com and talking about paint colors and which flowers work well in the yard – but do you connect with your kids there? Here are a few tips for making home improvements while bonding with your family
Start a Garden: If you’ve got room or even a deck, start a small vegetable garden. Your kids will love to tend it and the project goes on and on – think herb pots and hanging tomato plants if limited space is an issue.
Make a Family Room: Reinvent a space in the house as a “family room” with some elements of everyone’s personality. Ask each child to make a painting to represent themselves or specify one thing they want in the room (i.e. board games, a dartboard, a place to write, etc.)
Clean Together: Now’s a great time to clean out for winter and the kids can help. Pick a day and ask everyone to go to town on their own room then go together to donate old supplies to groups like Goodwill.

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Spending time with your kids outdoors is a wonderful opportunity for play and exploration.
One of my favorite activities is to plan a picnic. Eating outdoors is so much fun and children of all ages love it! Children also enjoy the fun of packing their lunches; sandwiches, raisins, cookies, and fruit all work great. For added fun, bring along some bubbles or a ball to play with.
Kite flying is another great outdoor activity. It is best to find an area with plenty of space; perhaps you live near a beach Read the rest of this entry »