Spending quality time with your family can require a bit of planning. When there are people of all ages in one household, it can be difficult to find common ground. Activities that are fun for the whole family should be age appropriate to children, fun for teens and interesting enough for parents to stay engaged. Family friendly activities include sporting and entertainment options such as the following ideas.
Put-put golf is a great way for families to spend quality time together. Combining competition with plenty of down time means kids will have fun and parents will love the quality time. Mini golf can be exciting for children around the age of 7 on up. Families should take advantage of the unique backdrops at the mini-golf course and take a few pictures to commemorate the moment.
A fun sport for the whole family, bowling provides a competitive game that everyone can play. Small children can add bumpers to the lanes, creating an easier playing field. Teens love to win, so playing a game where they can compete against their siblings and parents is always productive. Parents love bowling because it gives them an opportunity to talk with their kids in between rolls. It is one of the more wholesome, fun ways to have the entire family spend quality time together. Bowling has become more expensive, though many lanes offer discounted days and family packages.
Movie Night
With the increase of 3-dimensional animation and family friendly films recently released, it is easier than ever to choose an appropriate film. Children and parents alike can choose a film that is entertaining, light hearted and interesting for everyone. If your area has a drive-in or discount night at the theater, save a few dollars and be sure to visit on those days.

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