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How to pick up a Ukrainian girl at the gym


How to pick up a Ukrainian girl at the gym

Nowadays, most men lead an active lifestyle. Work, constant business meetings, and dozens of smaller chores can take a lot of time. But they still have to find time to eat right and keep themselves in good shape. As a result, picking up girls at the gym turns out to be the only way to start any relationships.

Let’s imagine that you’re on the business trip to Ukraine. You’re going to stay here for a while, so you have plenty of time for workout. So you headed to the local gym that turned out to be full of hot Ukrainian girls. Here are a few tips that will help you understand how to pick up girls at the gym.

Visit the gym regularly

Before you pick up a Ukrainian woman, choose the one you like most and visit the gym at the same she does. She, probably, chose the most suitable time for it. Let her get used to you and see that you're here to work on your body (after all, you're here for this, right?). Be sure to go there as often as possible, but don’t bother her with walking around; nobody likes it.

Keep an eye contact

dating Ukrainian girls

When dating Ukrainian girls, you should remember that the way you look at them is important. But don’t stare. A short glance should be enough. Don’t overdo it; otherwise, you might scare the girl.

Choose the right moment to approach

Most beautiful Ukrainian girls come to a gym to exercise. But there are a lot of lonely ones among them; they just don’t know anything about picking up guys at the gym. So they wouldn’t mind talking a man, who also leads a healthy lifestyle. However, none of them would like someone trying to pick them up in the midst of a workout. The girl would gladly talk to you during muscle stretching or a break after a workout. She is relaxed and would like to have a chat with you. On the other hand, some girls hate men starting a conversation during exercises. They try to concentrate, and you start bothering her with questions. She will most likely find you annoying.

Be yourself

This banal advice only means that you don’t have to act as a pick-up artist. The easiest way to get acquainted with the girl is just come up and say hello. And don’t forget to smile. Moreover, some girls don’t want to chat with a guy, who smells awfully. So it’s better not to approach the girl after a grueling cardio workout. You also don’t have to act like a macho man who despises women. It’s the worst way to pick up a Ukrainian girl.

Be careful with compliments

When dating Ukrainian women, compliments are important. Focus not on her looks, but on her achievements in training. Compliment on her technique and muscles. Don’t forget to mention that she does her exercises perfectly.

Give her time

If you want to know how to pick up a girl at the gym, keep in mind that gym is a hobby that quickly becomes a habit. In the process of workout, body produced hormones of happiness, and a sense of self-persuasion makes people sure that every exercise makes them better. That’s why most women rarely give up training. Visit gym more often, talk to her, pretend that you want nothing from her (but not be too kind). You are sure to find a common language. Try to find out if she has a boyfriend. If not, offer her to go somewhere for a cup of tea after a workout. She won’t refuse.

These are main steps, so now you know how to pick up chicks at the gym. The only thing that remains is to find a way to try them out.

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