5. 09.

Spending quality time with your family should be the number one priority in your life. Unfortunately many parents put family time activities on the backburner in place of television, friends, work or daily stresses. If you are looking to spend more time with your children, there are many activities that appeal to both parent and child. Hopefully you will use them to have more one on one time with your kids and to create long lasting memories they will cherish forever.
Games are a great way for everyone in the family to come together. Board games are not only positive for educational and cognitive development within children; they are a whole lot of fun. Many games teach quality lessons such as counting, adding and deductive reasoning. Finding the perfect balance between educational and entertaining, board games can be one of the best investments any parent can make.
Arts and crafts can be created as a family. For holidays, consider creating a trinket or craft together that will last through the years. On lazy or rainy days, take out the crafts to keep things fun and exciting. Many families forget how much fun beading, painting, coloring and weaving can be. Other crafts include knitting, sewing and puzzle making.

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