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Spending time with your kids outdoors is a wonderful opportunity for play and exploration.
One of my favorite activities is to plan a picnic. Eating outdoors is so much fun and children of all ages love it! Children also enjoy the fun of packing their lunches; sandwiches, raisins, cookies, and fruit all work great. For added fun, bring along some bubbles or a ball to play with.
Kite flying is another great outdoor activity. It is best to find an area with plenty of space; perhaps you live near a beach or large park, which would work very well.
Exploring your own backyard can be a fun activity; children of all ages will enjoy learning about various types of flowers and picking a colorful bouquet. Bring binoculars and take turns looking for birds and butterflies or fill birdfeeders to attract even more wildlife.
If you live near a beach, looking for seashells along the shore and watching seagulls in flight can be a fun adventure.
Older children will enjoy an evening under the stars. This is a great way to teach kids about space; if you have a telescope, pick a clear evening to see the wonders of a full moon.

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