12. 01.

You probably spend a lot of time thinking about your home – visiting sites like www.homesecuritysystem.com and talking about paint colors and which flowers work well in the yard – but do you connect with your kids there? Here are a few tips for making home improvements while bonding with your family
Start a Garden: If you’ve got room or even a deck, start a small vegetable garden. Your kids will love to tend it and the project goes on and on – think herb pots and hanging tomato plants if limited space is an issue.
Make a Family Room: Reinvent a space in the house as a “family room” with some elements of everyone’s personality. Ask each child to make a painting to represent themselves or specify one thing they want in the room (i.e. board games, a dartboard, a place to write, etc.)
Clean Together: Now’s a great time to clean out for winter and the kids can help. Pick a day and ask everyone to go to town on their own room then go together to donate old supplies to groups like Goodwill.

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